HDF and ASCII – FLO-2D outputs format

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MDAL supports reading of the HDF and ASCII files generated by FLO-2D.

This driver can be used to read FLO-2D mesh (1D, 2D) The required files for this format are :

  • CADPTS.DAT file that contains the cells centre position

  • for 2D mesh, FPLAIN.DAT that includes the 2D mesh topology

  • for 1D mesh, CHAN.DAT that includes the 1D mesh topology and CHANBANK.DAT that includes the left/right bank relation

The 2D mesh is composed of cells which centres are contained in CADPTS.DAT files. FPLAIN.DAT defines the neighboring of the cells. 2D mesh datasets file are not required but can be :

  • TIMDEP.hdf5, hdf5 format files




hdf5 format extra datasets can also be read, and this driver supports persisting dataset with this format.

For 1D mesh, the cell centres are also defined in CADPTS.DAT file. Each vertex is linked to a cell from CADPTS.DAT that represents the position of the left bank, and each cell can be linked only with one left bank. So the topology of the 1D mesh is defined by the id of the left bank of each vertex. Vertices can also have (but not required) a right bank represented by another cell. For the right bank, one cell can be linked to several right banks of vertex, so to several vertices. When a vertex hasn’t a right bank, its position is defined by the cell link to the left bank. When vertex has a right bank, the vertex position is the middle of the segment between the right and the left bank.

1D mesh datasets file is not required but is HYCHAN.OUT