Mesh Data Abstraction Library (MDAL) is a C++ library for handling unstructured mesh data released with MIT license. It provides a single data model for multiple supported data formats. MDAL is used by QGIS for data access for mesh layers.

See data model and API for more information.


Supported Formats

You can use MDAL to load the following file formats:

  • NetCDF: Generic format for scientific data. Examples can be found here
  • GRIB: Format commonly used in meteorology. Examples can be found here
  • XMDF: As an example, hydraulic outputs from TUFLOW modelling package
  • DAT: Outputs of various hydrodynamic modelling packages (e.g. BASEMENT, HYDRO_AS-2D, TUFLOW)
  • 3Di: 3Di modelling package formate based on CF Conventions